Dramatic Education offers Dramatic homeschool programs for grades K-8th.

Students will participate in a four week class from 9:30 – 11:30 am.

In this class, students will learn an original Dramatic Education musical from start to finish, featuring songs from hit Broadway musicals, whilst seamlessly integrating the theatre basics curriculum. Through theatre games and exercises, they will master techniques that will enhance their understanding of “show” and help them grow as performers and thespians in their craft. At the end of the course, they will present their work through a Dramatic Sharing!

If you would like to create own group session or for more information contact our office at 407-494-1744.

In School Programs

Dramatic Education is an educational company that uses research based programs to prepare students academically whilst fusing drama techniques. We also offer designed in-school programs, specifically for our schools and community centers. We have designed our programs where students can express their talents creatively through Drama and Musical Theatre. Children are encouraged to value their individuality and develop uniqueness.

Each in-school program will integrate State Standards and Common Core standards. Students will complete a show with minimal costumes for Friends and Family.

In addition to boosting parental involvement; the program provides students with an opportunity to develop and cultivate the skills necessary for success in the 21st century. Some of these benefits include: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills, Ensemble Building, Self-Confidence, Reading & Literacy Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Self- Discipline, Engaged Imaginations, Communication Skills, Creative and Emotional Outlet, Enhanced Empathy, Community Engagement, and Cross-Curricular Opportunities.

After – School Program

Parents, Are you looking for ways to keep your child/children involved in after school activities? Do you love seeing them use their talents? You will be AMAZED to see your child speaking and performing in front of audiences.

Find your school below and Click to Register! If Dramatic Education is currently not at your school or community center, please contact us today!

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Summer Programs

Our unique summer program is designed for incoming 1st- 6th graders. We provide a fun-filled environment where students can learn the various skills needed to be successful. We focus specifically on the following:
Drama | Art | Musical Theatre | Dance | Stagecraft | Puppetry | STEM | Music | Outdoor Activities | and MORE!

The Arts are proven as an effective way to tap into the intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences of student learning. We provide an environment where students feel free to explore their creative abilities. Art students will work on different projects each week. The projects include working with different mediums and being exposed to different cultures. The art students will also help prepare the set for the summer show. All students in the program will participate in the show whether it is acting, singing, dancing, creating the scenery, props or the programs. You will be amazed at what your child can do! Take a Sneak Peek from our past shows.

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